Highly efficient – the battery-powered GardenPump 18 is powered by the Bosch 18 V Li-ion battery range (battery and charger not included), making it easy to use with all rainwater harvesting devices for faster, more efficient gardening.Good for the environment and better for plants – the battery-powered GardenPump 18 works with all types of rainwater harvesting containers, providing faster, more efficient garden watering.Start by installing the battery power unit, which can be mounted directly on the tank or attached to the wall. Then lower the rainwater pump into the tank.Then connect a garden hose of up to 25 m and a spray gun. This rainwater pump is perfect for natural and more comfortable watering of flower beds, fruits and vegetables or flower pots and plant bowls. Use this tools timer function and anti-reverse clutch with sprinkler and irrigation systems to get perfect, green lawns.

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